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SIMPLY4 Spices – make SIMPLY4 basic a spice rack

kr. 150,00

SIMPLY4 SPICES spice rack

Keep your spices just at hand!

Do you have some favorites spices you use every day? Don’t hide them away in the closet, but show them in this decorative and simple storage for spices. This kit gives you 4 glasses for spices complete with cork lids, ready to turn your SIMPLY4 basic into a spice rack.

We like our products to be versatile! You can therefore also use your SIMPLY4  as a vase, a candlestick or even as a coat rack. Check out the different possibilities at our webshop, where you can also buy SIMPLY4 basic (the holder for the glasses) https://nordicfunction.com/shop/

Our designs

Our love for designing multi-purpose items comes from a desire to give you design that will last a lifetime – crafted in materials which will only grow more beautiful and soulful by the years. The stylish minimalist design can easily outlive fleeting trends. And as products can be converted from one function to another, we hope to contribute to creating sustainable interior decorating.

All products are designed in Denmark.

Navn: SIMPLY4 spices
Farve: Glass/transparent
Materiale: Glass and cork
Dimension: ø25, 10 cm tall (43ml)

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